American General Financial

American General Financial, Evansville, IN

American General FinancialThe American General Financial office building was designed to be one of the most efficient office buildings in Indiana.  AGF is a leader in corporate energy efficiency and they wanted that leadership role to show in their newest marquis facility. REA, Inc. assisted in this effort by proposing Armstrong Pumps, Inc. Ultra-Efficient Central Chilled Water Plant controller Model IPC11550 utilizing Hartman LOOP methodologies.  At the heart of the building, is a prefabricated pump station consisting of the following:

Primary Variable System Design:
Three (3) Armstrong Series 4300 split coupled vertical in-line chilled water pumps with 20 HP Motors
Three (3) Armstrong  Series 4300 split coupled vertical in-line condenser water pumps with 20 HP motors
One (1) Armstrong Series 4300 split coupled vertical in-line side stream separator pump
One (1) Armstrong waterside economizer plate and frame heat exchanger
One (1) Lakos model HTH centrifugal separator
One (1) Armstrong Series L expansion tank
One (1) Armstrong Series VA air separator
One (1) Armstrong complete power and control panel with single point connection, Integrated Plant Controller with color graphical touchscreen, sensors, flow meters, control valves, and variable speed drives for all pumps and cooling towers.

This system was programed with specific integration algorithims to offer the lowest kw/ton operation for this facility.  AGF has been experiencing annualized energy use of .63 kw/ton in mechanical mode and using less than .20 kw/ton in economizer mode.  For more information please visit the below websites:

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Armstrong Pre-Fabricated Pumping Skid

Armstrong Pre-Fabricated Pumping Skid