Homewood Suites Hotel in Nashville

A Hilton Property 


Tower/Boiler Water Source Heat Pump System


Homewood Suites NashvilleThis project was a retrofit of the Doctors Building in downtown Nashville on Church Street which has wonderful architectural character.  We provided one-hundred fifteen (115) Waterfurnace, Inc. Versatec model water source heat pumps to provide comfort cooling to the guest suites and conference rooms.  Waterfurnace, Inc.  was selected due to their high efficiencies, quiet operation, and fast 2-week lead time.  REA, Inc. also provided two (2) AAON 100% outside air rooftop water source heat pump units with energy recovery wheels to handle the outside air requirements and corridor pressurization.  These units will provide an operating efficiency of 17 EER and a COP better than 7.  AAON was utilized for the outside air needs because of their leadership in controlling humid outdoor air, high efficiencies, and economical cost.

REA, Inc. provided the following equipment on this project: