Just like your automobile, your HVAC units need maintenance to operate efficiently. To improve efficiency and help ensure reliability and long life, consider REA Service, Inc. for your scheduled maintenance services. This means you have enlisted in our certified factory-trained technicians to keep your facility operating smoothly. You will receive regularly scheduled annual, semiannual, quarterly, or specialty configured maintenance plan to find lesser issues before they turn into bigger problems. Predictive maintenance will mean fewer system failures and longer life for your HVAC equipment. 

Each Preventative Maintenance Visit Includes:

  • We check mechanical and electrical systems, seasonal heating and cooling components
  • If applicable, grease the bearings and replace the belts and filters as needed
  • Cleaning of drain pan and drain tap
  • Check overall operation and performance of the units

In addition, during your spring and fall preventative maintenance visit we will steam clean your unit. We found with our years of experience that cold water does not cut through the dust and buildup of the coils like the steam pressure cleaning will. This is just one of the value-added services that we provide! After each visit, our factory certified technicians will provide you with a summary report and communicate any concerns with you.
The report includes overall performance, electrical amp draws, superheat, subcooling, and any recommendations, should we find any current or potential issues.

Maintenance customers of REA Service, Inc. are guaranteed discounted labor rates for additional services as well as priority status for any emergency service calls.  You are our #1 priority!

Benefits of REA Service, Inc. Service and Maintenance Plan:

The best way to minimize the likelihood of an HVAC emergency is by conducting regular, routine system, and equipment maintenance.

  • Savings: PMAs typically more than pay for themselves through improving energy efficiency; changes dirty filters and spot other problems that are impacting efficiency, helping your system to work affordably overall. PMA customers typically receive a discount on all parts and services performed during the entire year.
  • Peace of Mind: Predictive maintenance can identify issues while they are small and easy to fix, rather than waiting until they damage your system or become more expensive. This will mean fewer system failures and a longer life for your HVAC equipment.
  • Priority Service: Should a system failure occur during the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter, customers with PMAs will receive priority service.

Our Planned Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement Gives You A Peace Of Mind. 

Did you know?

Cut your energy cost by up to 30% with annual maintenance to your coils. REA Service, Inc.’s technicians perform a deeper, more penetrating clean by using a steam cleaning method. No chemicals are used!

A scheduled HVAC maintenance plan gives you the confidence and security you need so that your facility is always comfortable and efficient.

Call it looking out for your facility’s health!