Room Acoustics

Rosebank Elementary School

Kinetics Noise Control Hardside ceiling and wall panels were installed in this Elementary School Cafeteria to control the noise level. These acoustical panels lowered the dbA from 82 to 72, providing a quieter space to the occupants.

5th & Broadway Stage

Kinetics Noise Control LSM | Spring Lift Slab Floor Mount was installed in the 5th & Broadway building. The purpose of the system is to incorporate a decoupling method in the concrete slab non-isolated structural floor where vibration and impact are critical and of great concern because of the stage sitting on top of the roof of a multiuse facility building.

Fred D. Thompson U.S. Courthouse & Federal Building

Kinetics Noise Control RIM | Roll Out Isolation Material is installed in the Fred. D. Thompson U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building.  This high-performance noise control system was implemented in mechanical areas to control the vibration and the noise concerns on top of the building.

Belmont University Performing Arts Center

Kinetics Noise Control ICC | Deck-Suspended ceiling hanger is installed in the ceiling of the Belmont University Performing Arts Center.  This full one-inch rated deflection spring hanger combines the necessary components for high-performance noise control by separating layers of mass with airspace using a highly resilient element.