NEXT LEVEL THINKING | Armstrong Tango Intelligent Variable Speed pumps

Armstrong’s Tango Pumps continue to accelerate the demand for sustained efficiency and maximum lifetime value which has inspired next-level thinking in pumping solution design. Now, with the technological advances in digital control and internet-based connectivity, Armstrong has taken innovation to a new level.

Armstrong Tango Pumps with built-in parallel sensorless pump control saves up to 30%  more energy. With control algorithm reviews operating conditions constantly and adjusts output to meet immediate flow requirements at a minimum of energy consumption.   Parallel Sensorless Pump Control (PSPC) is a patented technology that improves the efficiency of a multi-pump installation through optimized load sharing. The traditional approach to control in a multi-pump installation involves staging pumps on the basis of motor speed. PSPC technology stages pump based on operating efficiency rather than motor speed.

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Welcome to a new era of ULTRA – ENERGENCE ULTRA Rooftop Unit by LENNOX

Energence® Ultra-High-Efficiency rooftop units deliver ultra innovation on every count.  With units available for 3- to 20-ton applications, this high-efficiency lineup features advanced blower and compressor technologies that allow the units to perform at optimal levels throughout the year, even in extreme weather conditions.  This can translate to substantial operational cost savings over the life of the system.


The Most Efficient Rooftop Units in Their Class*

  • Up to 23.5 SEER, 15 EER, and 22 IEER – the highest on the market today*
  • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 2010 by up to 96%
  • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 2013 by up to 73%
    * Efficiency based on AHRI directory, June 15, 2016

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BAC Roadshow in Nashville – December 6th


Greensleeves Wins ASHRAE Technology Award

BAC’s Ups Their Efficiency with XE Series 3000 Cooling Towers


BAC’s NEW XE Series 3000 Cooling Towers are now the most efficient cooling tower on the market!  They all exceed 90.1 Requirements by 2X, allow for lower horsepower requirements and reduced sound.

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Armstrong Pumps’ IVS Series


Armstrong Pumps, Inc. IVS Series of pumps unparalleled pump control, system efficiencies, installation advantages and lowest total installed costs by integrating a VFD and Sensorless Control with their pumps.  With sizes up through 1250 HP, they’ve got you covered!


Bard Celebrates 100 years!

Bard Manufacturing Celebrates 100 years of Innovative Manufacturing!


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REA, Inc. is now Representing Greensleeves Geothermal Solutions

Greensleeves Energy logo

REA, Inc. is now Representing Greensleeves Geothermal GeoModule Solution for Geothermal systems.  Greensleeves offers solutions for reducing first costs of the bore field 50% (or more) while maintaining peak geothermal efficiencies in a hybrid system.  In some cases, the efficiencies are up to 6% better than full geothermal systems.  Whether you have an existing loop that is running hot or a new system design where budgets are a concern, this solution will fit your need.  Learn more at and contact us at REA, Inc. for assistance.

Welcome Sean Gilbert to REA HVAC

Sean Gilbert

Please welcome Sean Gilbert as the newest member to the sales team in the Nashville office.  Sean is a recent graduate from TN Tech University where he majored in Mechanical Engineering.