NEXT LEVEL THINKING | Armstrong Tango Intelligent Variable Speed pumps

Armstrong’s Tango Pumps continue to accelerate the demand for sustained efficiency and maximum lifetime value which has inspired next-level thinking in pumping solution design. Now, with the technological advances in digital control and internet-based connectivity, Armstrong has taken innovation to a new level.

Armstrong Tango Pumps with built-in parallel sensorless pump control saves up to 30%  more energy. With control algorithm reviews operating conditions constantly and adjusts output to meet immediate flow requirements at a minimum of energy consumption.   Parallel Sensorless Pump Control (PSPC) is a patented technology that improves the efficiency of a multi-pump installation through optimized load sharing. The traditional approach to control in a multi-pump installation involves staging pumps on the basis of motor speed. PSPC technology stages pump based on operating efficiency rather than motor speed.

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