Schermerhorn Symphony Center (Nashville Symphony)


Secondary Chilled Water System Connected to Nashville’s District Energy System


Schermerhorn1An 1,860 seat acoustically engineered concert hall with a sound rating of NC-10 making it a top 10 symphony hall in the world.  The Schermerhorn Symphony Center consists of the Laura Turner Concert Hall, multiple practice rooms, meeting rooms, a full kitchen with catering services, and elaborate lobbies in true Art Deco style.   The Schermerhorn Symphony Center is a venue that is in tune with Nashville’s “Music City” motto.

Schermerhorn2REA, Inc. provided Eleven (11) M & I custom designed air handling units to provide over 300,000 CFM of air at low velocities and low sound levels.  Custom equipment was required for this venue to fit the limited space due to providing high volume of air at low velocities.  In addition, each air handling unit had factory installed humidifiers by Dristeem and electronic air filtration systems by CosaTron.  M & I was selected based on their experience as a custom manufacturer of acoustically engineered equipment, ability to deliver equipment on time, and due to their value.  This equipment provides a quiet and comfortable environment for premium listening enjoyment of the concerts and performances that take place within the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

In addition, REA, Inc. provided the following equipment on this project: