BAC – The PFI Series

The PFi Closed Circuit Cooling Tower with the OptiCoil™ System increases capacity by up to 30% or more*, enabling the PFi model line to achieve either the lowest total installed cost or the lowest total cost of ownership.  
* Compared to traditional induced draft counterflow style closed circuit cooling towers

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OptiCoil™ System

The patent pending OptiCoil System combines indirect and direct heat transfer sections arranged to maximize thermal performance. The OptiCoil System consists of standard serpentine coil with BAC Pak™ Fill inserted within the coil structure, engineered for easy access. Get More Information

For contractors and owners looking for the lowest total installed cost, the PFi Closed Circuit Cooling Tower can lower installation costs by 30% or more via:
  • Reduced crane, structural, and vibration isolation costs due to smaller footprint and lighter weight
  • Reduced rigging and installation time with self-guiding pins and one-piece lift capability
  • Less glycol required to achieve the same or higher heat transfer
  • Smaller size of VFD due to a smaller HP motor
  • Elimination of field thermal performance testing costs due to CTI certification for both water and glycol
  • Additionally, the PFi model line has many installation-friendly features, such as pre-assembled external service platforms that help significantly reduce installation times.


For those looking for the lowest total cost of ownership, the OptiCoil™ System can help reduce energy costs by up to 50% or more with XE models featuring lower HP fan motors and the OptiSpray™ Technology featuring lower spray pump HP.