Greensleeves LLC Geothermal Solutions

Geothermal Solutions with Greensleeves LLC


Greensleeves focuses on reducing energy in an affordable manner for commercial buildings.  Our software, the GeoModule™ (patent pending), provides intelligent energy management that controls the thermal exchange in the geothermal borefield and optimizes the flow of energy through the system and operation of the components.

Geothermal energy is an efficient way to utilize natural resources to heat and cool a building, but it costs more than conventional systems because it requires a geothermal heat exchanger. The GeoModule reduces the size of the GHX (the part of the system that resides outside the building), thus reducing the cost premium.

This solution converts a conventional geothermal system into an intelligent energy network.  It improves the process of multiple heating and cooling devices working together including the recycling of energy and managing multiple buildings sharing energy.

The GeoModule uses unique, patent pending, energy optimization strategies that increase the energy efficiency in hot, humid and temperate climates – making geothermal highly effective in all climates from warmer climates like Texas and Florida to more seasonal climates like Alaska and Canada.

2014 ASHRAE award