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REA, Inc. represents manufacturers with the highest degrees of quality, capability, innovation and customer service.  Our manufacturing partners are experienced in providing a high quality engineer-applied equipment in order to meet specific application needs.  They have positive reputations of exceeding the standards required to fulfill customer requirements time and time again.  Review the below list of manufacturer capabilities and contact us for more information on your application.

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  • 100% Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
  • Packaged Rooftop Systems
  • Vertical Water Packages
  • Split Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Water-to-Water Units


Addison is a leading supplier of HVAC cooling and dehumidification equipment for commercial and industrial applications with extensive experience in treating ventilation air.

  • Heat Pipes
  • Cold Plates
  • HIK Plates
  • Loop Heat Pipes
  • Sealed Enclosure Coolers

Advanced Cooling Technologies

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a premier thermal management solutions company. As examples, our thermal management products are deployed in numerous commercial satellites, military vehicles, medical devices, primary calibration equipment, and HVAC systems.

Air Monitor logo
  • Fan Tracking
  • Airflow Measurement
  • Pressure Measurement 

Air Monitor

Air Monitor has over 40 years of experience in providing Airflow measurement and control solutions for the HVAC Industry. Air Monitor is dedicated to working with the Owners, Consulting Engineers, and/or Contractors to understand the site's airflow measurement and control needs. In turn we will assist in designing systems to best meet the critical needs of your HVAC airflow operation. 

Aircuity logo

  • Sensor Suite 
  • Carbon Dioxide & Monoxide 
  • Dewpoint, Temp., RH, Enthalpy 
  • Airborne Particulates 
  • Total VOC’s


Aircuity is the leading manufacturer of integrated sensing and control solutions that cost-effectively reduce building energy and operating expenses while simultaneously improving indoor environmental quality. 

  • NATNE BACNET controls
  • Graphical interface
  • Web based controls for user simplification and access

Alerton Controls

Alerton Controls is a leader in developing direct digital controls with BACNET capability.

Alfa Laval
  • Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
  • ARI Certification Available 

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineered solutions. Our equipment, systems and services are dedicated to helping customers to optimize the performance of their processes. 

  • PEP Filters: Automatic Backwash Media, Disc & Screen Filters
  • PEP Filters: Solids From Liquid Centrifugal Separators
  • AMIAD Filters: Self Cleaning Screen Filtration
  • ARKAL Filters: “Spin Klin” Disc Filtration 

Amiad Water Systems

For more than 40 years, Amiad has been developing a Comprehensive line of exceptionally efficient automatic self-cleaning filters and manual filters for use in industry, commercially, municipalities, and irrigation. Combining creative solutions with practical applications, Amiad provides optimal solutions for every filtration requirement.

Amiad's pledge to the filtration market is to continue to provide innovative and dependable products, quality service and reliable customer support.

Our vision is to help our customers reach their potential with clean water. 

Armstrong logo
  • Commercial Pumps & Specialties
  • Boosters, Vertical Turbines
  • Packaged Pumping Systems
  • Packaged Chiller Plants
  • Variable Speed Central Plant Ctrls
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Air & Expansion Control


Armstrong’s products are internationally recognized for design efficiency, long service life & operating economy. Their goal is to provide leadership to the industry, practical solutions to customer problems, and superior alternatives to conventional thinking.

Baltimore Aircoil
  • Cooling Towers
  • Closed Circuit Cooling Towers
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Aircoil Evaporators
  • Ice Thermal Storage Systems 

Baltimore Aircoil

Baltimore Aircoil is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of heat transfer and ice thermal storage products that conserve resources and respect the environment. Serving air conditioning, refrigeration, industrial, process, and power generation customers. 

  • Classroom Air to Air Heat Pumps
  • Ultra Quiet & Energy Efficient
  • Geothermal & Water Source
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Hot Gas Reheat Dehumidification
  • CompleteStat Energy Monitor
  • Wall-Mount Heat Pumps, Air
  • Conditioners & Gas/Electrics


Bard is the industry’s leading innovator of classroom and wall-mount air conditioning and heat pump technology. In fact, we’ve been manufacturing wall-mounts longer than any other company – starting in 1962. Behind all these innovations is our dedication to research and development, continually seeking ways to make our products more consumer and dealer-friendly.

  • Open coil and fin tube duct heaters
  • Unit heaters
  • Cabinet heaters
  • Baseboard heaters 


Brasch Manufacturing Company, Inc. is your best source for custom industrial and commercial electric comfort heaters and gas detectors for ventilation control. 

  • Fiberglass Structure Field Erected
  • Concrete Structure Towers
  • Architectural Façade Towers
  • FM Approved Fiberglass towers
  • Tile Fill Material
  • Design, Engineering, & Construction
  • Services 

Composite Cooling Solutions

Composite Cooling Solutions operates on a global scale as a design/engineer and construction contractor for custom built pultruded composite cooling towers. CCS utilizes and leverages the years of experience & expertise of its founders to focus solely on the field erected cooling tower market. These assets and focus have produced the future today ... The Phoenix® Building System, an innovative combination of extreme flexible design and innovative materials. 

  • Ceiling Mounted Systems
  • Floor or Roof Mounted Systems
  • Wall Hung Systems
  • Air or Water Cooled
  • SchoolAire Classroom Units 


Compu-Aire manufactures in excess of 100 different models of specialty air conditioners and heat pumps for data processing, telecommunication, education facilities, paper and pulp mills, and other critical environmental applications. 

  • Centrifugal Roof & Wall Exhausters
  • Ceiling, Wall & Cabinet Fans
  • Vent Sets
  • Air Curtain
  • Tube Axial Fans
  • Vane Axial Fans
  • Lab Exhaust Systems

Loren Cook Company

LOREN COOK COMPANY is proud to be a leader in the design and manufacturing of fans, blowers, gravity vents, laboratory exhaust systems, and energy recovery ventilators. Our products ventilate institutional, laboratory,commercial and industrial facilities worldwide. Our culture is to provide superior product quality and excellent customer service. This was true in 1941 when Loren Cook founded the company, and it’s still true today.

CosaTron logo
  • Custom for AHU Installation
  • Modular Plenum Units
  • Self-contained Fan Powered
  • ComputerPac Units
  • Residential EXCITOR System


CosaTron is a unique and patented system that does not generate ozone, ionization,or high frequency interference. CosaTron is not an air filter. It is applied in combination with an air filter to enhance the performance of the filter & often reduce the outdoor air requirements. 

  • Dehumidification Systems
  • Indoor Pool & Whirlpool
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air System
  • Residential & Light Commercial
  • Low Temperature Applications


Dectron pioneered the indoor pool dehumidification market with the introduction of the Dry-O-Tron, a mechanical dehumidification system that uses a revolutionary energy saving feature that controls humidity levels while helping maintain comfortable temperature levels of the pool’s water as well as the air inside the building.

  • Water Cooled Chillers
  • Air Cooled Chillers
  • Heat Pump Chillers Water-Water & Air-Water
  • Water Cooled Packaged Units
  • Air Cooled Packaged Units
  • Airside Products
  • Heating Terminal Products
  • Specialty Products


Dunham-Bush creates innovative cooling solutions appropriate to the individual requirements of commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, factories and residences. A pioneer and industry leader in rotary screw compressor technology for refrigeration systems and next generation air-cooled rotary screw flooded chillers, you can count on Dunham-Bush for unsurpassed performance and reliability.Dunham-Bush's emphasis on environmental sustainability has paved the way for energy efficient, clean energy products, such as, Geothermal Heat Pumps and fully integrated Ice Thermal Storage Systems.

  • Ductless mini-split units
  • Cooling only
  • Cooling with electric heat
  • Heat pump
  • Wall, ceiling, floor style units 


ECR International is your one source for all your HVAC needs. It’s EMI brand offers the most comprehensive line of ductless split air conditioning systems, for both cooling only and heat pump applications. With exceptional performance and operating economy, EMI split systems are ideal for zone or spot conditioning in light commercial, residential and institutional applications. 

envirosep logo
  • Packaged Pumping Systems
  • Steam & Condensate Systems
  • Domestic Booster Systems
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Heat Transfer
  • Modular Boiler Plants
  • Modular Chiller Plants


EnviroSep has a handle on your pumping system project. From design consultation and problem solving, to manufacturing and factory test, we bring it all together to deliver exactly what your application requires.

We deliver turnkey systems and solutions - products that work together to achieve the required functionality. 

  • Fresh Air Ventilators
  • Energy Recovery Wheels
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Primary Ventilation Systems
  • Duct & Elbow Silencers
  • Custom Silencers

Fläkt Woods

Fläkt Woods various Air Diffusion System Products are top of the line. The new generation of iQ Star Chilled Beams offer virtually endless possibilities. Flexibility and energy efficiency are the characterizing features, both indispensable cornerstones for true Demand Controlled Ventilation.
Known for its innovative products for energy recovery systems, air treatment and sound attenuating products. Fläkt Woods acquired SEMCO in 2007.

  • VRP
  • Verti-I-Pak
  • PTAC
  • Ductless Split System
  • FreshAire PTAC


Friedrich air conditioners are hard-working and hard-wearing. Our commercial-grade products are the first choice for tough environments, from oil rigs to the Kennedy Space Center. Constructed from the highest-quality materials and components, these units are built to exacting standards — yet they are among the quietest and most energy-efficient available.

Greensleeves Energy logo

The GeoModuleTM Family of Products offers advanced geothermal borefield pumping and thermal energy management for commercial buildings. 


Greensleeves specializes in providing affordable, high return on investment sustainable building technologies.The company designs and markets clean technology products. Its intelligent thermal energy management technology reduces the capital and operating cost of geothermal and hybrid HVAC systems. This technology plans simultaneously, and over time, the energy demand & supply. It dynamically optimizes the use of multiple harvesting, storage and distribution systems. (Patents pending)

Hays Fluid Controls
  • Automatic Flow Control Valves
  • Water Source Heat Pump
  • Hose Kits
  • Coil Piping Packages
  • Condensate Hose Kits
  • Manual Balancing Valves 

Hays Fluid Controls

Hays Fluid Controls manufactures Automatic Flow Control Valves, which operate over a wide range of differential pressures. The Mesurflo® is the Gold Standard in the Commercial HVAC industry. Hays uses the Mesurflo® technology in Stainless Steel Hose Kits for water source heat pumps as well as Coil Piping Packages for fan coils, VAV boxes, Air Handlers and more. 

Kinetics logo
  • HVAC Vibration Isolation
  • Seismic Engineering & Products
  • Architectural Noise Separation
  • Industrial Systems
  • Precision Isolation
  • Home Theatre 

Kinetics Noise Control

Kinetics Noise Control, a leader in the vibration and noise control industry since 1958. With state -of-the-art engineering, Kinetics provides the optimum solution to the client's sound and vibration problems. Kinetics also develops custom products for customer's individual needs.

  • Rooftop Units
  • Split Systems
  • Mini-Split Systems
  • Solar Ready
  • Commercial Controls
  • VRF


Lennox Commercial is a leading provider of high-efficiency packaged rooftop units, split systems, HVAC controls, furnaces and indoor air quality products for the light commercial industry. Our innovative products are designed to improve comfort and protect profits, and are backed by unsurpassed customer service.

LJ Wing
  • Unit heater
  • Door heaters
  • Integrated face and bypass looks
  • Direct fired heaters


LJ Wing

LJ Wing manufactures steam, hot water and gas-fired heating products for industrial and commercial make-up air, air preheat and space heating applications.

  • Water-Cooled
  • Air-Cooled
  • MagLev Water-Cooled
  • MagLev Air-Cooled
  • Heat Pump Chillers
  • Dedicated Heat Recovery
  • Centrifugal Modules
  • Air-Cooled Split

Multistack Modular Chillers

The modular water chiller was invented by Multistack.
It started with a radically simple idea: water chillers made
up of modules that could be brought into the equipment
room one at a time, through standard doorways and down
elevators, to form a fully integrated water chiller system.
The modular chiller idea launched a revolution and
transformed Multistack into a leader in the commercial
water-chiller industry.

  • Single Duct Terminal Units
  • Electric Ducts Heaters
  • Displacement Diffusers
  • Fan Coil units

Nailor Industries, Inc.

Nailor Industries, Inc. is known for our industry leading customer focused approach to providing innovative commercial and industrial HVAC products. Nailor manufactures a unique and comprehensive line of products essential for a well designed HVAC system.

Phoenix Controls logo
  • Laboratory Airflow Controls
  • Fume Hood Controls
  • Vivarium Airflow Controls
  • Health Care Airflow Controls
  • Venturi Air Valves 

Phoenix Controls

Phoenix Controls is the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of precision airflow control systems. Our systems ensure the environmental integrity of critical spaces, including laboratories, vivariums, pharmaceutical areas, biological containment facilities and health care facilities. 

Power Flo
  • End Suction Pumps
  • Self Priming Pumps
  • Sump, Sewage, Effluent Pumps
  • Grinder & Cutter Pumps
  • Water Feature Pumps
  • Pump Systems & Accessories 


Power-Flo Pumps & Systems pump company was established by a group of industry veterans.
Our staff has a combined industry experience of nearly 100 years. Our products offer consistent quality standards, premium materials of construction, third party certification and reliable performance. 

  • Electric Humidifiers
  • Steam Heat Exchanger Humidifiers
  • Gas to Steam Humidifiers
  • Direct Steam Injection
  • Insty-Pac Dispersion Panel
  • INTAC Control System

Pure Humidifiers

PURE Humidifier has been providing quality humidification
products for industrial and commercial applications for 24
years. Our versatile, efficient and reliable Steam Injection,
Steam Heat Exchanger, Electric and Gas Fired Humidifiers,
backed by exceptional customer service, guarantees your
satisfaction. Choose from our complete line of easy-toinstall,
low-maintenance humidifiers & accessories for
optimal air quality & relative humidity control for your
unique environment.

Rapid Engineering
  • Direct fired units
  • Indirect fired units
  • Air rotation units
  • Space heaters 

Rapid Engineering

Rapid Engineering is know for direct fired and indirect fired make up air systems and air rotation units. 

  • Fan Assisted & Atmospheric
  • Condensing Boilers
  • CML Space Heating Boilers
  • CML Hot Water Supply Boilers
  • Instantaneous Boilers
  • Dual Temp Boilers
  • Pool Heaters


For over 50 years, Raypak has been the world's leading manufacturer of copper finned boilers and heaters. Raypak's design goals are and have always been high quality, reliability and energy efficiency. Adhering to these basics is the reason the reputation of the company is held in such high regard by design build consultants, specifying engineers, distributors, contractors and owners. 

  • Spirovent Combination Air / Dirt Separators
  • Spirovent Air Eliminators
  • Spirovent Hydraulic Separators
  • Spirotrap Dirt Separators
  • Spirotop Air Release Valve
  • Customization of any unit


Spirotherm, Inc. manufacturers the industry leading high
efficiency Spirovent® coalescing type air elimination
products and its extended line of Spirotrap® dirt separators.
Protecting the investment in high efficiency boilers, chillers,
and other system components requires the fluid to be
distributed efficiently. Eliminating air & dirt does away with
many maintenance items that have been considered routine,
saves energy, and improves overall system performance and
heat transfer.

  • Finned Tube Radiators
  • Cabinet Unit Heaters
  • Steam & Hot Water Unit Heaters
  • Radiant Ceiling Heating
  • Convectors 

Sterling Commercial

Sterling Commercial is recognized as the leader in the hydronic finned tube market and has over the years designed a multitude of custom application finned tube enclosure designs for high rise office buildings, schools, hospitals, prisons, and other commercial projects. 

Strobic Air
  • Lab fume hood exhaust systems
  • Clean room recirculation systems
  • Vane axial & high temp. fans

Strobic Air

Thirty years of unique design solutions for ventilation & exhaust at thousands of facilities. At Strobic Air, we meet your needs of tomorrow with innovative ideas- today!

  • EC Blue Technology
  • Kool C.A.T.
  • Modular Central Plants
  • Custom DX Refrigeration

TMI Climate Solutions

TMI Climate Solutions provides custom HVAC solutions, ranging from the rigorous extremes of a government research facility to the health concerns surrounding the indoor air quality in hospitals. All divisions of TMI Climate Solutions provide a higher level of comfort backed by the Berkshire-Hathaway name.

  • Ventus Air Handler
  • Wing Air Curtain
  • Volcano Air Heater
  • Pump Group


VTS Group operates in five production plants throughout the world, which enables quick delivery of products on a global scale. The business model ensures repeatable, high-quality products, regardless of the country to which they are delivered.

  • Horizontal and vertical units
  • Console Heat Pumps
  • Water to Water Heat Pumps
  • Industry leading efficiency 


WaterFurnace is a pioneer and industry leader in the development and manufacture of geothermal heating & cooling systems. "Smarter from the Ground Up" 

  •  VRF
  • CHP


YANMAR’s Energy Systems division began operation in 1984, and today has installed more than 375,000 Combined Heat and Power (CHP or cogeneration) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Natural Gas Heat Pump Systems worldwide.

  • HVAC Drives
  • Up to 500 HP
  • Bypass Arrangements
  • Harmonics Features
  • Network Communications
  • Custom Features


Yaskawa is the largest global variable frequency drives manufacturer with over 30 years of Building Automation System (BAS) and HVAC experience. Our variable frequency drives are designed for HVAC applications, which include air handlers, cooling towers and pumps, by combining reduced size and cost with step changes in performance and quality. Because all variable frequency drives (VFDs) are rigorously tested, Yaskawa ensures that quality and reliability are designed and built in.